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• News of activities – Year 2 Number 7

“Two things you do best.” It’s what I told Laura after returning from the examination held in high mountain Briancon, French Alps. I answered that for me is the same thing myself. But you can say after two months passed around in the mountains between courses, training and exams?

And to re-read the last newsletter I noticed also that the things done there have been many more. Starting from three days at Arco.
It was not so much that I went climbing in the valley of the Sarca and it was great way to’ve never done before on the beautiful multi-pitch walls, numerous and also very challenging. So with Maximus, Leandro, Luke Thomas and the last day with Leah, we climbed three routes up to 6b + and there was also time for some rock climbing up to the seventh shot. A beautiful weekend in which the particular “democracy” has increased the maximum experience of Luke, who has always moved from team leader.

At the end of April, on horseback in the days of Easter, we ended up climbing Ferentillo for sharing between families. It was an experiment which in part went well, but had no feedback that I expected. The idea was to climb trying to help, and not between parents, alternating with each other in the task of watching the children playing under the walls. It was nothing special, and I saw that Laura always involve all the same way for us to climb. But it was a good opportunity to simplify things.Perhaps my students do not even years children, or perhaps they are too big.
However we were able to climb well with Paul, Patricia, James, Anita from Milan and Gianluca, Annalisa and Anita from Rome. And if the rain had not arrived on the last day we would have done even more shots.

A Frost instead there were already two years ago. It’s always nice to climb back to the Bear Hill, and this year we did an experiment, I and Laura, taking with Fabian and Lena and sleeping in tents. It was very tiring for us, and maybe even a little ‘to others, since they both started crying at 5 am. Probably if we had not done so late in the evening would have been less demanding. But sleeping under the walls, around the fire eating the excellent sausages below, you have to relive the many courses to rock my father Morra, when children appeared on the lawn.
And so, along with Luke, Julia, Adelaide, Victoria and Helen have climbed more or less known on the smooth slabs and techniques, just a little disturbed ‘by the Romans have appeared, always at ease in every cliff.

With Luke and Max we were then to Red Gorge, on the wall Oggioni, to make the way Badiali-Conti. It is a nice tour of just over 200 meters to VI + is open in the ’60s. I know little of these areas, but every time I go there I am always enthusiastic and with a great desire to return soon. That’s why I changed the program, replacing the three days at Arco, with two in the Marche.
The road, however, went well, and I felt sorry for Max and during the climb was one of his moments of despondency.

At the end of July but it was the turn of Slovenia, for the third year. Now we are fond of the landscapes, the lake, all the gradations of particular ways, Lasko beer. Also this year we have traced the spread in many ways so many cliffs. We were a good group, especially the early days when, in addition to me, Laura, and Lena were Fabian Luke, Philip, Julia, Gianfranco, Veronica, Albert, Stephen and Mark. Everybody went from team leader and we put our hands on routes up to 7b, “easy” as some 6b. We’ll see if that year we will be back.

The last meeting was that summer in the Dolomites. I think now 25 years old who are going there to climb, first organized by the school during the weeks of skirmishes, now with my students. Some streets, like the edge of the Little Comic Falzarego I think I made at least a dozen times. Yet every time it is always nice. Is it that every year “off” a piece of wall, and so it is always different. Is it that I do throughout the remainder mainly single pitch. However, climbing a wall, even retraced several times, is always exciting. Getting together with friends at the top, shake hands happy, enjoying a beer at the bar along the way with his eyes, has something difficult to explain if you have not ever tried. Even when you take the time to Pordoi to 200 meters.

As for the new program have already made some changes. As I have said I will not go over to Arch, but in the Marches, and only on Saturday 26 and Sunday, November 27.
I have also added two appointments that are far ahead in the calendar. One is Sardinia and the other the Verdon. Sardinia is one of my father who organizes a week, and is always very crowded. This was the case, for those who are interested, give your availability as soon as possible.
For Verdon, however, I need to get an idea of ​​the participants to organize teams. You would think: have rope teams want to do for June? Yes
Usually my colleagues work with a person. This guide takes you, go and do the activities she wants or that is proposed, and pay according to effort required. Rates are set by the colleges to which they belong and they vary from a minimum of 250 euros per day, plus expenses, which are always paid by the customer. Climb a street in Verdon as the demand, which would love to do, costs around 350 euros. From my point of view, however, the five-day program should cost at most as well. But to achieve this I need to team leader, more than three because I can not bear. It is undoubtedly more difficult for students, and vastly more challenging for me. But the return to experience, satisfaction and sharing is much larger. And in the Verdon, at least once, you have to go climbing.
For now, with the first breeze, waiting for the new beginners course and the Trad
Happy Autumn!

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