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• News of activities – Year 2 Number 6

After more than a year, we left and moved to Orvieto Ferentillo. With Laura, Fabian and then Lena also were guests at my parents’ house where I was born and raised until the end of high school. Thus, the greatest happiness for having finally found a house to live independently, thinking of my parents was compounded by the awareness of time, trivially, quick steps. And that our children now so that we do have fun and despair, one day they will go their own way and there will be felt perhaps a little ‘alone.

Meanwhile we enjoy the nearby walls and the friends who come to visit.

The course took place in climbing TRAD Ferentillo success of participants had a higher than expected. But to think of it was an opportunity to learn techniques and maneuvers that hardly has the opportunity to see and experience. Were in fact two days of friend, nuts, slings, nails and perform up and down, trying to raise students toward autonomy. Richard writes: “Look what we did with Frank last week?
is cool, we very well protected and the stops on megacenge clessidroni and gave us the ability to make beautiful stop (We even have some of the bracing!).
So many words to thank you, it was a really nice course, we had a great time and learned so much. “I decided to add the program two more days of climbing classic mid-May, hoping to arouse the same enthusiasm.

Chamonix I wanted to write for a while ‘.

The first memories I have of the white back to thirty years ago when, as children my sister and I Lea, we used to pull the sled from my grandmother in the snow in front of the hostel Grassonet Nouveau. It was the most exciting event of the year, both winter and summer, and three more weeks passed quickly.

And so it was even in January with the course of off-piste skiing: five full days, tiring, fun.

Of course, to think back on those years, the biggest concern was to make the most possible avenues and jump higher. Now, with thirty people who follow you in every gully and on every slope, things are a little ‘change. But much of jumps so now you can not even do it!

The first winter mountaineering course has just concluded. Yet I already want to go walking with crampons and ice axes in hand. The remote and quiet places, are pleased to reach the summit and look out the other side. And the taste of a beer at the bar back home. But now the snow, at least here in the Centre, is almost a memory. We will have to make up for the Tour Ronde and Mont Blanc in May later this summer.

Summer. I just received the dates of last examinations to be supported to become a mountain guide in all respects. Soon I will send the program with the latest activities in July and August: do not make plans!

Meanwhile we prepare for the long road March 27.

And then the Arch 15, 16 and 17 April on single pitch and especially big walls.

Finally, Easter, climbing with the families and those willing to get involved with the children.