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• News of activities – Year 1 Number 5

The idea communicated at the time of closing the gym was to resume work on September 16. And so I was hoping to do until recently. I realized sadly not be able to maintain this commitment and of having to postpone everything until 5 October. Sorry for the few who attend the club MFA wall, but the two events that I have involved in this end of summer leave me with very little room for movement. And yes it work, namely gain, this time I would even need. But this is not my thoughts about the gym. The predominant feeling is to postpone having something a bit ‘would not want to deal with it tied to a long and arduous undertaking. But it is also an opportunity to review people who otherwise would not have become expensive way. It’s like when as kids we went to school and finish a holiday clashed with the expectation to meet the comrades from the year before and the awareness of months sitting at.

In addition we also have a passion that unites us!

Someone still there we are brought back in summer.

In July it the hottest day we went to the Dolomites. Six days under the shelter Five Towers, with more and more about ways to add to the “curriculum” of the usual indefatigable James and Gabriel, and this year also Leandro.

Last week and not just for the hail and thunderstorms in the wall or 6c after 250 meters of wall. But also for the numerous and abundant experimental spirits of dear Max. That among other things, has impressed and frightened by the imminent end stocks of drinking water of the refuge.

We hope that next year we reach our ambassador from ‘India.

From the Dolomites Slovenia was not far away. Yet a greeting to the family did not want to lose him. So Friday night at home Saturday with Laura and Fabian, and again starting Sunday. Appointment in Orvieto with Veronica, Stephen Alexander, Valdichiana with Francis and Laura and then mid-week there has also reached Mauritius, tireless and fearless rider. Another beautiful and full weeks, in places I already knew and others I have discovered. Sure, the Slovenes are always degrees to interpret, but there has not pulled back from the 7th. And many fine dinners to honor Alexander see clean dishes for the first time.

Another place where we will return, perhaps in Bled, the lake where we can also do dips from the trees.

And over Slovenia is also finished in July. The miles have remained ever so many, between Orvieto, Terni, Orte, various hospitals. It is not because August was a month of rest. Before work on the house that Laura and I are buying and that we have not finished. And then the birth of Lena at mid-month.

Since September 25 we’ll still fit to resume all activities, from new beginners course and are ready for this new autumn climbing.