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• News of activities – Year 1 Number 2

When Laura and I are back from Genoa had the words of Joe in the head. Its having fun “despite” the wedding we liked because it was so we had imagined the day: fast ceremony and a few friends self-invited.

Soon, however, because of newly weds then immediately left for Amalfi. In Orvieto we had an appointment at seven on Friday with Massimo and Savior, and the step of Chiunzi we met Valentina, Mark and Alexander. Three days full of beautiful climbing up to 6C, in places new to me, but with the wise guidance of ‘native Savior who guided us through the streets of the coast.

His help was not enough to protect our fingers from blisters filled with blood and 80s leopard tights, but we will be back for sure, because there are so many cliffs to discover more.

But meanwhile, already thinking of next issue: 17 and 18 April. We are going to Frosolone, always in the south, to climb the smooth plates of Molise. Were to be three days, but I reduced to two for reasons related to pregnancy, Laura, and therefore mine. Maybe someone will be easier to join. Sign and date the ‘is to book early because the board (45 euros for a double with breakfast).

A change to report also covers the week in the Dolomites is no longer the ‘last August, but the penultimate one. Remains one vacancy, then subscribe.