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News of activities – Year 3 Number 8

Thursday, 2 May, 2013

A few months ago, crossing the square of Ferentillo with some students, I met Remo. Remo is well known among climbers, and are dedicated to different routes. And that’s because it was the former owner of the land where they began to equip the walls. It was not easy to find a compromise as his character, grumpy and irritable, did not allow comparisons. Now, 25 years later, part of the landscape greets everyone and smiling.
This time, however, seeing the walls go to work on one occasion he asked me: “But do not go climbing more for your pleasure?”. Indeed, since they were born the children time to devote to my ways, it’s not, and thankfully I now know many climbers who kindly offer to give me a lap with their ropes. Here, the phrase has since then continued to shoot for the head, and the feeling that I felt was not well defined.
Yet, the other day, climbing together with Alberto on a path that had already undergone at least thirty times, I looked up and the sky was full and dark blue autumn. The hands were starting to do some ‘bad for the piercing wind, and suddenly I found myself immersed in the rocks, in trees, in the cold. What could be more beautiful in climbing?

And you may be able to transmit it during a beginners course? Meanwhile, many students, especially Orvieto, have learned to bond, to make sure each other, to climb way up to sixth, being able to feel the rock under his feet and endure sore fingers.

Of Rome. When I was offered to take the gym to the club of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs had recently been able to wait Fabian. I was still in the middle of the course guide and suction seemed an excellent opportunity for an entry more or less regular. And James was very kind to grant me, through the intermediary of Umberto, a contract advantageous.
Unfortunately now that the treatment a little ’special I was taken away, and so, finding myself at the end of the month with the same money that I put into the machine, I decided to give up. And without considering all the hours of engagement between travel and fitness.
We’ll find another way!

The Trad course was held as usual in two days. But there are different from each other! There are so many things I should say that every time something or other is omitted is added. But how can you teach 25 years of climbing in the mountains in just 15 hours? But this is the first important step towards more personal experiences. And when I think of my students who venture out alone in the streets of environment, I would be there with them, to control their operations and try to help them overcome the most difficult. But as of course I can not go to school with Fabian to help him learn the life, so they all go to look for solutions to correct problems that arise. It is also good.

Up to five days before departure to Amalfi three people were registered. Laura had decided to go anyway, because the coast is always nice and spend little. And then would come to Lea also help with the children. At the end we occupied all the hostel Agerola, since they were thirteen, plus the four of us. It has been three full days, with many giorgetti on the walls and also for the first time someone has gone from team leader. Not to forget the excellent pasta cooked by Philip.

It is the sixth year that I am part of the downhill skiing in Chamonix. Perhaps, however, the first in which I felt not only “computer”, but also help in the sense of mountaineering instructor. Although over the years has never thought about people who came with me as customer, it is true that only recently I realized I was able to send anything more. Perhaps technical capacity, perhaps security. I do not know. However, if anyone has noticed, and this makes me happy.
Also this time the hostel we were forty and a lot of snow fall, unfortunately only in France, has created some problems, even plants that were closed one day. It was still a busy week and tiring for everyone, both downhill skiers. And on this occasion Philip gave proof of his abilities in the kitchen, taking care of the abundant dinner last night.

Returning from Chamonix I learned that on that day the climbing of Orvieto had officially opened. Every Wednesday I go to Scaramouche for meditation and will not be a little heavy from ‘first to spend a few hours to consume the fingers on the colored handles. And so on Tuesday I’m going to follow those who want to approach this sport.
Back to running up and down in the car.