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How and where to take a break? How to put a friend? How to handle the double ropes? Two days dedicated to the classic techniques of climbing with the use of quick guards and their proper use in the wall. The best way to feel safe and under the supervision of the Guide, the correct sequence of maneuvers to face the wall, trying, in the context of the cliff Ferentillo, such as extricating the many attentions to have.The first step towards climbing on big walls.


Dedicated to those who want to approach the world of climbing in complete safety up to the possibility of going from team leader. The course takes place entirely on location in Ferentillo natural cliff, discovering the many sectors that have found the need to deal with the various climbing techniques: gray plates with holes of the island, the cliffs of the balcony, the plates of polished red Gabbio and the classic way of Mummies and the Strittu. Four days during which you will discover the importance of using the feet, the movement of the pelvis, trying to make the most of what the wall offers.


To continue improving and try to overcome the fear to go to team leader and to improve their technical level. Learning to manage their own strength, but also the correct way to make sure. The turning around of the most beautiful cliffs of central Italy Ferentillo, Grottoes, Sperlonga, the many sides of Abruzzo.


A course to learn to use ice axes and crampons, on ridges, gullies and ice. Turn to the north faces of the center and move to Italy or canned tackling jumps of rock and ice.Choose the most effective way to tackle the wall, going from team leader, maintaining a high level of security. The pleasure of going on the mountain and climb to the top, in the winter cold and the silence of snow. The best way to prepare for climbing high mountains.