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The Ryuzan Association aims to disseminate related to mountain sports. It was founded by Alvise Mario joined the College of the Alpine Guides of Abruzzo, which organizes and directs all activities promoted.
His experience has already started young, in fact, his first away from team leader, the Iskra at Gran Sasso, has climbed in 1985 to nine years. For its growth and maturation, mountaineering and skiing was the fundamental teaching of his father, an alpine guide and ski instructor and Zen, in which He’s accompanied on Mount Blanc, the Dolomites, Verdon, Gran Sasso, and many cliffs. They also had a crucial competitive spirit of youth in climbing (the national junior team, World Championship Basel) degree in geography, family and cultural ties with Japan.
This led to the choice of the name of a synthesis between their Japanese name Ryuichi Yamada Mumon received from Zen Master Roshi, and Zan, mountain.